UNIK, an accommodation program for the French army in the age of off-site construction


Lead contractor: Direction Centrale du Service des Infrastructures de la Défense
Client:French Ministry of the Armed Forces
Design/construction: BBFE

UNIK is part of a major plan to provide accommodation for French army troops, comprising 46 developments for the French Ministry of the Armed Forces by 2024. This represents 67 buildings made up of around 5,000 parts. The construction method chosen is 2D prefabrication, which uses off-site construction. Everything is prefabricated in a factory, whether for the building exterior (pre-walls, pre-slaps, façade walls with wood frames) or for the interior (prefabricated bathrooms and technical ducts, preassembled kit furniture). On site, all that needs to be done is assemble all the components like kit furniture! This provides a way of standardising services and barracks with an effective product, and providing tailor-made support from the teams at Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe. The potential of this innovative construction method is increased with BIM and digital tools, which optimise and continually improve the tracking and assembly of all manufactured parts. Two types of accommodation are expected: single or double rooms for single officers, and shared accommodation for four members of the Volunteer Armed Forces (Engagés Volontaires de l’Armée de Terre). For maximum comfort and quality of life, each building will be built like a hotel, with functional rooms and shared living spaces.

“Everything is pre-cut and pre-quantified, which means that each room has the right quantity of materials. This ensures efficiency in terms of supply, and also guarantees a reduction in waste to be managed on the construction site. There is no surplus material.”
Mathieu Royo
Deputy Commercial Director in charge of the UNIK project for Bouygues Construction


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