A Digital Project Management Platform (PMNP) for sharing a single vision

Programme at the experimentation stage for all types of project

How do we upscale our construction sites in the same way as the automotive or aviation industry when we don’t produce mass volumes? The project carried out over the last two years aims to provide all parties concerned – both internal and external – with a single digital space for sharing information about projects and works throughout their lifecycle. It also aims to create added value for the various Bouygues Construction business lines serving customers. This project is being conducted in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, developer of a platform that is already used in other sectors but does not have an equivalent in construction and civil engineering. The idea is a database that is updated and synchronised in real time in order to ensure the continuity, integrity, uniformity, traceability, sharing and capitalisation of data (projects and works). This delivers increased safety for employees and partners, improved product quality from design to construction, and standardisation of product lines such as retirement homes and student halls.

2021: nursing home and hospital room configuration tool for fair and sustainable construction

It will be possible to conceptualise all nursing home rooms created by Bouygues Construction using a digital configuration tool. This tool will have several room templates that can be configured with standardised elements (functional, regulatory and technical). A reliable room structure meeting almost all needs for healthcare facilities but giving the customer complete freedom to personalise it (even the size) and view it in 3D.


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