LE BERLIER, one of the highest wooden residential buildings in France

Paris 13th / France

Architect: Moreau Kusunoki
General contractor: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Habitat Résidentiel

Wood is a material well regarded for its energy efficiency and environmental qualities, as well as its aesthetic and architectural advantages. The construction of this 15-storey tower in the heart of the Paris’s 13th arrondissement uses concrete for the central core and the base, and wood for the upper levels. This lightweight, low-carbon construction will deliver enhanced energy efficiency. The building meets exacting environmental standards, aiming for NF Habitat HQE excellent certification, City of Paris climate and biodiversity certification, the BBCA standard label and the E+ and C1 E3 C1 energy efficiency label. To encourage biodiversity and support the neighbourhood’s ecology, a rain garden is planned at ground floor level to collect rainwater from the two roof terraces, one of which will have a biodiversity reserve.

“With our WeWood approach, we want to use wood wherever we can or where this makes sense, capitalising on a centre of excellence made up of around twenty expert engineers, not forgetting a mature network of partners and suppliers.”


Fabrice Denis
Managing Director Wood Construction Strategy at Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe

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