Robotics and virtual reality for health and safety

Robotisation, augmented reality and task automation are becoming more common at our construction sites. There are many applications and benefits in terms of improving working conditions and ergonomics, in order to prevent occupational illnesses such as MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). On construction sites, with the help of the company’s ergonomics experts, exoskeletons, connected harnesses and even sensors are used to check workers’ positions and reduce strain. During the early stages of construction, new tools such as virtual reality headsets or even robotic platforms are used to train workers in good practice by means of a visual and tactile process, as in industry and the medical sector. Another example is the development of the connected operator, using a kit of communicating objects to perform everyday tasks on site with complete safety. Another robotisation challenge on our construction sites is the automation of routine tasks, which are time consuming and offer no added value.

“By working on the ground, crane operators’ working conditions are improved in terms of ergonomics, with easier access to the control cabin, more space and proximity to the site base camp, which they did not have when working at height. This makes it more accessible for people with reduced mobility. Finally, being on the ground is considerably safer.”


Julien Meyer
head of lifting equipment at Bouygues Construction Matériel, Île-de-France

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