ABC demonstrator, a first step towards autonomous buildings

Grenoble / France

Developed with Suez and Valode & Pistre architects and Bouygues Construction R&D
Client: Linkcity
Operating owner and manager: Grenoble Habitat

In the heart of the EcoCité Grenoble Presqu’île district, the two futuristic-looking buildings contain 62 homes, including one third social housing. A sustainable housing pioneer, the ABC©* concept – which aims for total autonomy – is the fruit of many years of R&D and a one-stop approach to the environmental, technical, economic and social aspects of a building, combining all areas of expertise in energy efficiency, reduced water consumption and waste management. Autonomous buildings need to use energy sparingly (passive design), be efficient and use locally generated power close to the point of use. Sunlight provides power, rainwater is collected and treated to make it drinkable, and grey water is reused for bathrooms and watering. There are also dedicated spaces for socialising, such as the shared gardening area, common room and shared kitchen garden. All driven by a spirit of community and mutual support.
* Automous Building for Citizens

Jointly designed with the future occupants

BIM (Building Information Modelling) uses 3D modelling to shape the future building before it is constructed. Combined with virtual reality, this makes it possible to see what the building will be like. This technology has allowed residents to anticipate how they will use the buildings and play a part in designing them.

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ABC, a new paradigm for housing