A campaign to change how we see disability

Programme rolled out during European Disability Employment Week

An inclusive and responsible employer, the group has for many years had an ambitious and proactive disability policy that goes beyond legal requirements. It is based on four main priorities: recruiting people with disabilities, keeping them in employment, using sheltered employment organisations and communicating with and raising the awareness of employees. European Disability Employment Week provided the opportunity to showcase our commitments with the #Me&youtoo app and a disability quiz. These two fun initiatives were intended for employees to test their knowledge of disability in the workplace and make them aware of their received ideas and stereotypes. A virtual conference was also held in partnership with Café Joyeux on the theme of “Making disability visible and encouraging togetherness”. The group’s employees also met and talked to people with disabilities during the national DuoDay event. Initially intended to be a one-day face-to-face event, it became a virtual discussion for each duo owing to the health crisis. Guaranteeing access to employment for people with disabilities and keeping them in employment is one of Bouygues Construction’s core commitments.

“As part of our diversity policy, specific measures are taken to make premises and/or workstations accessible depending on the situations and needs expressed by our employees. Bouygues Construction takes action to encourage accessibility in general, as well as digital accessibility.”
Marion Baudet Head of Diversity at Bouygues Construction


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