A campaign to raise awareness about sexist behaviour and harassment at work

An internal campaign launched in July 2020

July 2020: employees receive a series of cartoons about casual sexism, hostile sexism and harassment at work, as well as #Meandyoutoo, an online self-assessment tool customised for Bouygues Construction, for people to test their ability to identify, raise awareness about and respond to this kind of situation. This followed the appointment of sexual harassment officers in March 2019. The “Speak Up” campaign launched in October 2020 aims to offer a more generalised response to all forms of hostile behaviour, sexual harassment and bullying. Speak Up is to be rolled out worldwide, and has already been implemented in the United Kingdom. Combating sexist behaviour and sexual harassment at work is one of Bouygues Construction’s priorities, as recently restated by its Chairman. The procedure for prevention and raising awareness within the company is overseen by two group officers, who also lead a network of officers within all works councils. Training has also been provided for HR staff, and awareness-raising sessions for managers and employees.

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