UBYSOL, for real-time traceability of excavated land on construction sites

A solution developed by Bouygues Travaux Publics

Bouygues Travaux Publics has joined forces with excavation management specialist Hesus to market Ubysol, an IoT traceability solution for construction site excavations. The solution, developed by Bouygues Travaux Publics, provides vital traceability of excavated material between the construction site and the collection site where it is deposited. Using a tablet application and an NFC tag, the sensor attached to the truck’s tipper sends the vehicle’s geolocation data to the Ubysol system. Fitted with an inclinometer, the sensor even emits a signal when the truck is unloading. The application is also used to create tracking slips that are sent directly to outlets and carriers. With simplified traceability, digitized administrative procedures and reduced human contact, the solution offers a number of advantages.

The Grand Paris project recycles its excavated earth

Faced with the depletion of resources such as sand and the saturation of landfill sites in the Île-de-France area, Bouygues Construction’s Materials Engineering division is running a research project that aims to reuse excavated earth such as sand in concrete used for new construction projects. In addition to the material’s properties, site logistics are also being looked at. There is little nearby storage space in the Paris region. The recycled sand could be used on surrounding railway station construction sites or for prefabricated elements that are then transported to other construction sites. This is a real way of saving resources.


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