Terre Plurielle supports charities during the Covid-19 crisis

May 2020

The Terre Plurielle Foundation focuses on four areas: education, employment, health/disability and tackling poverty. It launches regular calls for projects for which it will provide financial backing. Employees can put forward projects connected to a charity they support. They form the link between the charity and the foundation. During this unique year, the call for projects has been different. In addition to supporting more conventional projects, in 2020, the Terre Plurielle business foundation invited group employees to put forward projects to support those involved in the fight against Covid-19. Medhi for Secours Populaire, Valérie for A vélo sans âge, Olivier for Sport dans la Ville, Camille for ADGESSA, Alcides for The Red Cross, as well as Amadou for Association pour l’Education, la Culture Et l’Aide pour l’Afrique… there is a long list of respondents who put forward charities close to their hearts. This has provided welcome financial support to buy and distribute face masks and other protective equipment, hand sanitiser and essential items. Thanks to this funding, the employees have been able, through their chosen charities, to continue to help the elderly and disabled, vulnerable young people or people in severe financial difficulty as a result of the health crisis and lockdowns.

“I think these wonderful examples of personal engagement really reflect the group’s values.”
Diane André
Project manager for the Terre Plurielle Foundation


Video on the Foundation’s first ten years

Fondation Terre Plurielle, 10 ans d'engagement

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