Sphère, France’s third 3D-printed building

Harfleur (76) / France

Architect: Archétude
Development: Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest
Lead contractor: Immobilière Basse Seine (3F/Action Logement)

Designed by Archétude, the 29 m² independent pavilion for the caretaker and for receiving tenants of the Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny residence was built in just eight days. Its concrete walls were printed directly on site with the help of a seven-axis robot from Dutch start-up CyBe. This project, made possible thanks to the R&D of Bouygues Construction and its partners (Centrale Lille engineering school via the Construction 4.0 Chair, specialist start-ups), illustrates the progress made in 3D printing techniques and their change in scale for use in the construction industry. This offers a number of possibilities, such as freedom of design, saved time – and in the long term ensuring financial savings and productivity – reducing arduous working conditions and risks of musculoskeletal disorders thanks to the robotisation of certain tasks, optimisation of the materials needed and reduced waste.

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