MY OMNISCIENT: optimised construction site management

Omniscient is a company that came out of Bouygues Construction’s intrapreneurship program specialising in digital construction site management tools

How do you get a continuous overview of the construction site without having to travel? This is what Omniscient offers! Using smart chips fitted to equipment, Omniscient gives site staff a real-time overview of progress, providing them with anonymised key data that can be accessed from an app. In addition to helping with management, the solution also geolocates various pieces of equipment on site, which can be found in one click, saving time and optimising how equipment is used. This constitutes a particularly crucial step forward for mobile construction sites, public works and network infrastructure projects, for which tracing equipment can result in unnecessary and costly rental of equipment, superfluous travel to equipment storage locations, costs relating to monitoring equipment and even difficulties in optimising equipment and managing capital expenditure.

“The IoT is a feedback loop that until now was absent from construction site management, allowing real-time monitoring, identifying sticking points and increasing efficiency”.


Nicolas Lemaire
co-founder of Omniscient

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