Lyon Confluence, health at the heart of the city

Lyon / France

Developed by Linkcity, Bouygues Construction’s property development subsidiary
Planner: SPL Lyon Confluence

The health crisis has highlighted the need to address the relationship between cities and health in a more comprehensive way. The Eureka Confluence consortium, which includes Linkcity and Bouygues Energies & Services, takes an innovative approach to urban development, favouring health and wellness at a local level, by reducing exposure to pollutants and noise, promoting healthy living and making it easier to access care and social and health services. The “wellness island” comprises a health and prevention facility, demonstrating a new experience of city medical care, offices that encourage wellness at work and increase employees’ productivity, and mixed housing. In the centre of the island is a green oasis that respects biodiversity, designed as a “therapy garden” to gently incentivise people to exercise, relax or meditate.

“Setting up a healthcare structure or a scientific committee as part of a construction or renovation project, involving scientists, healthcare and public health experts in a consultative process as early as possible allows health challenges and concerns to be identified and prioritised in the neighbourhood or region where the project is located, project-appropriate actions to be defined, and the project’s impact on public health to be measured and monitored as part of an evaluation process.”
Elsa Favreau
Project manager Forecasting Project Manager at Bouygues Construction


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