The future Conservatoire and Piscine Leclerc in Pantin

Pantin / France

Lead contractors: Atelier Novembre (design phase appointed architect), TNA (swimming pool architect), CET, Lamoureux Acoustics, AMOES, L’Archivolte (project architect), Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France (Structure)
Client: Est Ensemble

Art and sport have merged in an unprecedented way in the heart of a single facility combining a music school and a swimming pool closely intertwined around a forum and exhibition space, known as the “Salon”, which looks out over a garden in the centre of the island. Bio-sourced materials were used for the project, such as algae- and pine-based paints from Circouleur, insulation (hemp, flax and cotton) and bio-sourced coatings. The project also combines technical prowess, bold architecture and high environmental standards. The Piscine Leclerc swimming pool, listed as a Historic Monument, will require extensive renovation works, including the complete restoration of the structure of the existing building, the replacement of the double glazing and painstaking repair of the facade. Briqueterie Bouisset helped set up production of a French brick specially created for the project.
The holistic approach to heat management makes it one of the most efficient renovated pools.

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