Built-to-Rent, “ready to move into” multi-family homes with integrated services

Developed by Linkcity

Built-to-Rent (BTR) is an innovative concept inspired by the “all-inclusive” rental homes offering already developed in the United Kingdom by our subsidiary Linkcity, such as the new Hallsville eco-quarter in London. It is targeted at families and households in major French cities and favours use over ownership. The residences, which will be operated under the NEOZ brand, will be equipped with Wizom Connected technology. They will offer “ready to move into” homes, a range of services included in the rental cost or à la carte, a number of shared spaces that can also be used privately such as reading or TV rooms, rooftops, gyms, shared facilities (smart lockers, laundry, DIY areas, bicycle hire and car parks) and even a co-working space, particularly useful for remote working. A mobile app (rental and technical management, service consumption, communication with neighbours, etc.) and a community manager take care of running the residence.

A €500 million fund earmarked for BTR projects was recently created by Linkcity in association with Keys Asset Management. Around ten residences applying the concept are currently being developed in the Ile de France and major regional cities.

The Hallsville Quarter development in London, which forms part of a major redevelopment of Canning Town, is part of a build-to-rent program. Developed by Linkcity UK and constructed by Bouygues UK, phase 3 of the project comprises 620 homes, including 278 private homes for rent, 143 shared ownership homes and 199 affordable family homes. The development is also planned to include a 2,000 m2 medical centre, as well as around 10,000 m2 of commercial space comprising restaurants, bars and leisure facilities.


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