La Maillerie, the revival of a brownfield site

Villeneuve d’Ascq et Croix / France

Development: Linkcity and Bouygues Bâtiment Nord-Est, in association with Nhood

The former 3 Suisses logistics site in Villeneuve d’Ascq et Croix has undergone major regeneration works to capitalise on this urban space in the very heart of the city of Lille. Designed as a place for living and creating social ties, as the name suggests (La Maillerie means “the mesh” in French), the new neighbourhood will combine cultural and charitable initiatives with commitments to biodiversity, the circular economy and greener modes of transport. Currently underway, the reconversion of the huge brownfield site will see its complete transformation, with the first residents arriving in May 2021. They will enjoy a green environment and a number of services and facilities, such as local shops, a kindergarten and a medical centre. As part of the energy transition, La Maillerie’s heating will be close to carbon neutral, provided primarily by wood and household waste from the city.

La Maison du Projet, at the heart of neighbourhood life

Designed from the outset to bring people together and forge ties between residents, locals and future inhabitants, and to welcome economic players in the social sector, this is a hybrid place for living, working, leisure, creating memories and sharing experiences, including yoga classes, zero waste and DIY workshops, recycling centre, café, shared garden, neighbourhood parties and festivals.


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