Academic partnerships to make progress in research and innovation

A long-standing approach

In terms of research and innovation, the business world does not always have the time, skills and methodologies needed to explore increasingly vast fields. We can learn a lot from our relationship with the academic world, which provides a crossover of viewpoints and perspectives, and makes a decisive contribution to our understanding and the progress of our projects, services and practices. Our numerous partnerships include the Construction 4.0 Chair, jointly created with Central Lille engineering school to apply Industry 4.0 to our activities; our collaboration with the University of Nantes, resulting in the creation of Yhnova, the world’s first inhabited 3D printed house; virtual reality research projects in order to better interact with digital models or to train workers and prevent the emergence of musculoskeletal disorders; and the MixCity study into residents’ lifestyles and expectations of their neighbourhood and their homes, conducted by Bouygues Construction R&D and Linkcity, with the support of Alain Bourdin and Pauline Silvestre, researchers at the Paris School of Urban Planning (L’Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris).

Further information

4.0 Chair