Challenge 1

Working on creating sustainable regions


How do we support the new ways that cities are used? How do we live and travel sustainably? How do we capture the full potential of digital technology to offer more services? How do we (re)create social ties and improve wellbeing and quality of life?

Bouygues Construction offers a broad overview of the transformation of local regions and cities, and couples this with a collaborative approach to urban development. With City.Play, we talk to residents, schools, universities, start-ups and associations, and we design projects jointly with them. In terms of buildings, our Wizom housing solutions and our Officity program improve occupants’ experience and wellbeing. Buildings are evolving according to people’s needs and are connected, becoming service-led and environmentally responsible. Reversibility of use and functional flexibility are now also reflected in how we design urban facilities. And because a sustainable region is based on synergies between its buildings and the flows of energy and services that bring them to life, we build and connect infrastructures for transporting people, goods and data, which are needed to ensure their economic development and attractiveness, always making working in concert a priority.


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